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Cloud with keyhole insert.

Our Salesforce Security + Access Manager app helps System Administrators mass audit, update and maintain Salesforce permissions including profiles, permission sets, role hierarchies, field level security and object access.

Our Report Manager apps will help you clean up and maintain Salesforce reports.


Object Level SecurityView, update, export, log changes, revert to previous logs

Field Level SecurityView, update, export, log changes, revert to previous logs

Intel Tab All reports needed to run a comprehensive permissions audit in one place

Record Access Query/troubleshoot why a user can access a record in seconds

Data Dictionary Create description/help text, profile dictionaries, track sensitive data

System Permissions Review system permissions across multiple profiles

Object and Field Logs View list of change logs for object and fields

Report Manager Pro Report and dashboard intel, clean up and maintenance

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How do I easily see and compare what records Salesforce users have access to?

By using Security + Access Manager app Record Access tab to plug in user and record ids and review the full set of permissions both users have for the record in a side by side comparison.

How do I review and update object security permissions across Salesforce profiles quickly?

By using Security + Access Manager app Object Access tab you can review, update and document object access across profiles on one easy grid. Save time and effort in reviewing and meeting security and audit requirements.


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