Product (Prior):

Profile Access Rights

Rapidly review your Users Profile access rights, and update, document or revert access as needed.

Field Access Rights

Quickly review Users field access across Profiles, and update, document or roll back access if needed.

Record Access

Easily review what your Users do or do not have access to in Salesforce.

Additional Features include:

  • Dictionary
    • update field description or help text on mass
    • create profile specific data dictionaries for up to date user documentation
    • track and report on sensitive data across your CRM for audit compliance
  • Intel – produce all the reports you need to run a user audit from our intel command centre.
  • System Permission – easily review, update and document system permissions for Users.
  • Report Manager Pro – identify reports that havent been run since x date, mass archive, delete
  • Lots lots more – Once a quarter we prioritise our roadmap based on customer feedback. There is a new release every 12 weeks. More regularly than we can update the marketing collateral. Please reach out if you are interested in hearing the latest and greatest. We would love to give you a demo.