Consulting, Dev & Support

We have a fantastic team of Salesforce professionals.

Typically there are four ways that we engage with our customers through the consultancy arm of the business.

General Salesforce Consulting.

Our team of Salesforce professionals have a vast experience of delivering Salesforce projects. Between us we have over 50 years experience. Please reach out if you need our support and we will give you an honest answer as to whether we think we are a good fit to deliver your business objectives or not.

Security & Permissions Reviews:

Our flagship App – Security & Access Manager is installed by Salesforce users globally. Its designed to be plug and play. But sometimes due to other business priorities our customers ask us to perform an end to end health check/permissions & security audit for them. This can either be where we take the project on in its entirety or working with the customers internal salesforce team at a higher level to guide them through delivering a full permissions review. We tailor each engagement to each customers specific needs by running through our detailed scoping spreadsheet which enables us to gauge a pretty precise estimate of effort.

Support for Small Admin Teams:

A regular use case that comes up is an Salesforce admin will join a company where Salesforce has been neglected for years but the company has decided to start investing in Salesforce again. Our customers regularly reach out when they need our help and support using our skill sets and experience when they get stuck or they need experienced hands to come in and deliver things fast.

Outsourced Development:

We have a team of fantastic developers. When they aren’t developing our great apps they are busy delivering development projects for our customers.